Stylish Diaper Bag

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This is a large-capacity sanitary napkin storage bag.

Selected high quality fabric materials

Cute and beautiful cartoon design

It has a large capacity and a small pocket inside.

It is not only a sanitary napkin storage bag, but also a cosmetic bag that can accommodate other small items.


Size: 13 * 13cm

Color: pink flowers, white cactus, black lemon, blue brown bear

Material: Nylon


High quality nylon material

Large capacity for easy storage

It also has a small pocket inside, an external zipper ring design, easy to pull

It is both a sanitary napkin bag and a cosmetic bag.

Exquisite design

Package Included:

1* sanitary napkin bag


This is a polka dot sanitary pad pouch.

Selected high quality cotton and linen material

Polka dot pattern design

It has a large capacity and can accommodate not only sanitary napkins but also cosmetics and other small items.

Neat car line cut, sturdy without falling off

The button opening is designed to be more secure and secure.

Is an intimate choice for girls, reducing your troubles


Size: 10.5*12cm

Color: blue, brown, wine red, pink


Size: 10.5*12cm

Color: blue, brown, wine red, pink

Weight: 10g

High quality cotton and linen materials, portable

Polka dot pattern design

Large-capacity storage sanitary napkins, small items

Package Included:

1* sanitary napkin storage bag


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