About Us

KidsSavers is your online source for children’s and baby clothing, toys, and and more, all at the best discounts. 

Welcome to KidsSavers!

Our Story

AM Online Enterprises Inc, is an all online shopping experience company, using websites for specific product specialties. We want to bring quality items to customers, without the hassle of leaving the comforts of their home. Easy checkout, and 30 day money back guarantee’s on the products listed make it very easy for all users to shop and enjoy their purchases.

As a single mother of 3, I decided to create kidssavers.com for a one stop shop online site where customers can find great products with fair prices. Starting a business catering to parents who are looking for quality in a variety of children items, has always been a dream of mine. Having young children out shopping in malls or large department stores is not only exhausting, but in today’s environment, unsafe. From a constant concern of keeping track of 3 little ones, to new fears of health concerns just leaving the house.

Helping Your Child,

Grow & Look Good

KidsSavers.com can give you beautiful clothing and quality baby products without the hassle of packing the whole family up and braving the unsanitary shops. We offer easy ordering and 30-day money back guarantee, making sure parents are satisfied with their purchases. 

So, take it from a mom who knows all the trials and wonders of how important it is to spend time with your children. KidsSavers.com will allow you to browse, shop, and buy what you need allowing you to get right back to your family. KidsSavers.com is quick, easy, and reliable.

Philosophy & Mission

Our mission to all of our customers and their families is a very simple principle: Trust

Whenever our customers choose to shop with us, they trust KidsSavers.com to provide quality, value and style at affordable prices.